MDCC’s 3rd Anniversarry

MDCC is 3 years old today, and we had just finished our 3rd Council Meeting for tonight for year of 2018!

Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce had grown older and new members come, old member go – I would like to thank all the council members that work hard and putting their precious time to work together on the growth of MDCC throughout the years!

Digital Economy had been very exciting industry and however it also brings a lot of joy! lots of tears and strength for a lot of people. After the old ministry regime, the new ministry new regime had given a lot of changes to the country.

DFTZ and Digital Economy Roadmap now require to be adopt by the new government to continue to bring more continuous growth of the country’s GDP and also enhancing the country’s Digital transformation for the nation!

Let’s watch and let’s look forward for the better future and brighter digital economy of Malaysia! There had been a new player in town as it had been the talk of the town – “Alibaba” group had arrived at bangsar south , Malaysia!

Malaysia Digital Chambers of Commerce will go forward and adopting to the digital economy for all SMEs in Malaysia!

This is just the beginning of the new Digital Economy and watch out for more to come in the near future………more members and more opportunities!

President Of MDCC,

Joshua Sew